Regina De Luca Photojournalist

Calabria, to the Ionian sea


"To the Ionian Sea" is the title of a 1901 book by George Gissing in which the author describes his journey through South Italy in search of the places where the civilization of Magna Graecia was born.
The torpor of the warm Ionian sea wind slows down the gestures of daily life and the movement of the sea, the main protagonist of the images, pays eternal tribute to the landscape where its inhabitants are waiting for something to happen.

The Ionio is a sea path of migrations, many peoples have traveled it until they reached one of the promised lands, from the Greeks to the current emigrants who cross it from Africa, it is a sea of ​​suffering and loss but it has also represented the path and hope for a better future.

The arrival point of so many trips are long sandy beaches inhabited by fishermen whose quiet life was never disturbed and does not seem to have changed in centuries.
Here small and great dramas of everyday life are inexorably repeated, the sea is everyone's home and everyone belongs to it without distinction.

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