Regina De Luca Photojournalist

Regina De Luca is an Italian photographer and journalist living in Madrid. She has a degree in Literature and History of Art, Photojournalism and has studied Cinematography and Screenplay.
Maria Regina De Luca's work explores the connections between Archeology, History, Art and Sociology.
Over the years, Aesthetic philosophy has given meaning to his thoughts on life, art and everyday moments and it is in this direction that he has moved with his work. Thanks to the study by Nietzsche, Adorno, Hegel began a personal research on what makes a work of art an art, what philosophy calls the "Other" and investigated what the reality of art and that of life reaching the result that life itself and what happens in it, once it is told to someone it turns into a sort of fiction, a daily event can easily be transformed into a narration, as well as journalism, documentaries they are narratives.
De Luca has decided to tell with her work that ancestral and eternal need of the human being to narrate, to create stories and stories, to give birth to that "Other" in the work of art, the terrible need to make spectacular every human moment to make it become something absolute and unrepeatable. Maria Regina De Luca worked in the Djehuty Archaeological Project of Csic in Luxor and is currently participating in the Qubbet el Hawa Project in Aswan held by the University of Jaen.


- Mention of honor to the ND Awards 2020
- Honorable mention to the IPA Awards 2020
Honorable mention at the MONOVISIONS Awards 2020
-Mention of honor to the ai Monochrome Photography Awards 2020

Honorable Mention in Professional Photojournalism Category to the Monochrome Photography Awards 2019

2012 “Il mio viaggio la mia estate” by the Wine & Foto association in Incontri pour l’image 2011
First prize for the Photography contest Urban nature- pics in the garden, Asociación Mediterraneo e dintorni




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