Regina De Luca Photojournalist
“My dream has always been to become a film director and I knew that what I needed was a good dose of imagination, a lot of culture, a total respect for the image, knowing the world and people and be able to express my personal interpretation of reality to others. I believe that the worlds that are created in a work of art, in a photograph, in a film are true in the same way dreams are true, like the reality that is generated every time in a theatrical show, such as the reality that we live every day in its repetition and routine that sometimes seems almost a dejavù or a paradox. Over the years, aesthetic philosophy has given meaning to my thoughts on life, art and everyday moments and it is in this direction that I moved with my works. I decided to tell with my work that ancestral and eternal need of the human being to tell, to create narrations and stories, to give birth to that "Other" in the work of art, the terrible need to make every human moment spectacular for make it become something absolute and unrepeatable.”


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